"Fishgourmet" Smoked Fish


Since 1985 the founder of Fishgourmet, a simple but tenacious and persevering man has been dedicated to the production of the smoked sardine. As the pioneer in this field, he strives every day to improve the product, which is handcrafted and made with special care in order to reach the consumer in optimal conditions.

Fishgourmet is a small family business, the founder having passed on his knowledge from generation to generation.

Today, we keep striving to fulfill his dream:

To present our product across borders and with the same quality as always.

"Being faithful to our motto. We don't want to cut costs if that means losing quality".

Our product will always be the same.


Always at the service of the client


All our products are rich in Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids that are well known for their positive impact on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. These important nutrients are vital as a good alternative to the consumption of high-fat meat proteins with little health benefit.

Fishgourmet carefully controls full production from its inception through salting and smoking in a process of total craftsmanship, caring for every detail leaving the fish completely clean, without skin, scales or spines, at the point of packaging.

All under the supervision of highly trained staff.

Smoked sardine filets combine very well with young white and rosé wines.

Enjoy our products

  • Lomo Sardina 350 grs

    Smoked sardines loins. Special

    Tubs 350 grs Zoom
  • Lomo Sardina 700 grs

    Smoked sardines loins. Special format for hostelry

    Tubs 700 grs Zoom
  • Lomo Sardina 175 grs

    Smoked sardines loins. Special format for Gourmet Shop

    Glass jar 175 grs Zoom
  • Lomo Atun 175 grs

    Smoked tuna loins.

    Tubs 350 grs Zoom